Roman Boxing Gym

Thinking of joining us? If you’re aged 15 or over simply come to any Tuesday or Thursday training session to get started. Those aged 8-14 can attend any Junior training session, see Opening Times for full details. 

Our members range from having never boxed to competition winners. We’re located at Twerton Park Football Stadium, look for our banner on the Randall’s entrance when arriving.

Established on Boxing Day 2018, we’re part of England Boxing and offer boxing training and sparring to prepare our members to compete at the highest levels in boxing.

Our beginner and fitness classes are open to anyone aged 15 or over. Run by the same coaches using the same equipment and techniques our boxers use, anyone can be part of our community, learn new skills and have fun while improving fitness.

Roman Boxing Gym

Opening times

Training Schedule

Boxing Classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings

Junior Sessions

Senior Sessions (Carded Boxers)

Beginner and Fitness Classes: Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Beginner and Fitness Classes

Open training: Saturday mornings

Open Training


Membership to Roman Boxing Gym is £20 per year and renews in January each year.

Non members are welcome to train with us as a guest for 2 sessions before deciding to become a club member. You will be registered as a recreational boxer with England Boxing at your first session.

Please arrive on time for the session start. There is ample free parking on site for use while you train. Parents and visitors are not permitted in the gym while training sessions are in progress.

Our biggest supporters

Proudly sponsored by S&J Roofing Bath

S&J Roofing

We're delighted to have S&J Roofing on board as our sponsors. They are a leading roofing and building company covering the Bath area and established since 1981 they are a trusted provider for all aspects of roofing and building works.

S&J's support means we can keep our training fees low and be open to all, while providing the best kit and oppertunities to our members!

Proudly sponsored by The Trinity Inn

The Trinity Inn

The Trinity Inn is a local pub in the city centre located on James Street West, to the edge of Kingsmead Square. They're a popular live music and sports venue with a great choice of beers and guest ales.

The Trinity have provided us with the equipment needed for our members to spar safely and develop their boxing skills!


Our Just Giving fundraiser has ended for now, we’ll start again in the near future. If you’d like to help us fundraise by organising or taking part in an event please do get in touch.

North Coast 110 Mile Ultra

Rhian Rogers took part in the North Coast 110 Mile Ultra on 2 October 2020. A 38 hour event including 6,000m elevation gain and 12 hours of darkness which the organisers describe as a “brutal adventure of epic proportions”, this was an event to test both body and mind. You can read more about the event on the Climb South West site. Rhian has kindly offered to use her participation to raise funds for the club, so please give what you can to support her!

Bath Half Marathon

Senior coach Darren Sullivan ran the Bath Half marathon on 15th Marth 2020 alongside club members Callum Joyce and Dec Channon, and former professional boxer Mike Rose  to raise money for a new boxing ring. You can read more about why we’re fundraising and support the runners by donating through our Just Giving page.

What does it cost?

Boxing is very affordable, we’ve outlined the equipment costs below and given an estimate of when you should expect to reach each stage. If you have any concerns with the cost of boxing please speak with us about it in complete confidence. Our sponsors help to keep the cost of boxing as low as possible for our members. Training sessions are £5 each (£2.50 for juniors) for both members and guests. 

Getting started

You can train with us as a guest for 2 sessions before deciding if you’d like to join us as a member. At this stage you do not require any specialist kit, just some appropriate gym clothing. All the equipment you need is provided by the gym. If you’re aged 15 or over you’ll start by coming to our beginner and fitness sessions held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, regardless of your experience or aspirations. If you’re aged 8-14 you’ll come to the junior training sessions held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Becoming a member

Membership is mandatory if you wish to continue training after your first 2 sessions and costs £20 per year, renewable each January. Now as you progress in your training beyond 2 sessions you’re encouraged to get yourself a skipping rope (approximately £4) so you can work on your fitness outside the gym. This is also a good time to get yourself some hand wraps for use with our gloves (expect to pay around £8). You’ll be fine using our club gloves but if you’d like to buy yourself a pair please speak with the coaching team first to ensure you get something suitable, which start around £30-£35.

Non contact

Everyone aged 15 and over starts in our beginner and fitness sessions. Some will want to progress to sparring and competing, but there’s no pressure on anyone to do this and you can continue training for fitness and fun indefinitely. By choosing to train with us you’re supporting a local grass roots amateur sporting organisation that is run entirely by volunteers.


It will take several months of consistent training before you will be ready to spar. When you reach the stage where the coaching team consider you ready to begin sparring you will be required to take a medical examination to be declared fit to box. Medicals must be renewed each year and cost £25. They are arranged by the gym and may require you to travel to another club unless there is a sufficient number of Roman Boxing Gym boxers taking medicals at the same time, in which case we will arrange for a doctor to come to us.

To spar you will also need your own mouth guard (£5 – any colour except red) and groin guard (£10), for hygiene reasons the club does not provide shared equipment for this. When you reach this stage the coaching team will advise on what you should get. If you have any doubts please speak with the coaches before buying!


Those who go on to compete and box on club shows and competitions are asked to buy a club tracksuit (currently £45) for use when representing the club. You might also want to look in to boxing boots which start around £60. Typically by this point you will have boxed with us for over a year.

Located at the Twerton Park Football Stadium in Bath

We’re now located in the Randell’s hall at Twerton Park Football Stadium in Bath. This fantastic facility is home to Bath City FC and is by far the largest venue we’ve trained at to date. Thanks to the size of the space we no longer require you to book training in advance. There is plenty of free parking on site for use while you train.

Meet the team

Head Boxing Coach Darren Sullivan
Darren Sullivan
Senior Coach

I boxed in Bath for Percy Boy’s boxing club in my youth up to the age of 29 years and it has always been an ambition of mine to open my own gym. In December 2018 I achieved my dream and opened Roman Boxing Gym in Bath to train boxers all the way through from amateur to professional level.

I have been an amateur and professional boxing coach with Paddy Johns gym for 7 years, prior to that I was coaching at Frome boxing club since 2004. I’ve been a Western Counties senior coach and the Regional Coach matchmaker to the Bristol Sporting Club.

Boxing Coach Craig Ryder
Craig Ryder

I boxed for Frome amateur boxing club with Darren as my trainer, and now coach alongside him at Roman Boxing Gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are women allowed to train?
A: Absolutely! All training sessions are mixed, and members have full access to the first class changing and showering facilities at the Sports Centre.

Q: I don’t want to box competitively, can I still train with you?
A: We run a beginners and fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for those who don’t want to or are unable to compete. These are run by our England Boxing coaches using the same techniques and equipment our boxers use, in a safe non-contact environment with no upper age restrictions.

Q: Is boxing safe?
A: Olympic-style boxing ranks as the safest amongst all contact sports such as football and rugby, and is as safe as any combat sport such as judo and taekwondo. Training is fully supervised at all times by qualified coaches. Boxers need to demonstrate sufficient skill and understanding before being allowed to spar, which is again fully supervised and carefully controlled. Boxers must wear a mouth guard, groin protector and head guard when sparring.

For more information on safety in boxing see this British Journal of Sports Medicine article.

Q: Is there a maximum age?
A: The maximum age to compete as an amateur boxer is 40. Realistically due to the time needed to develop as a boxer it is unlikely anyone over the age of 36 would be able to get the most out of joining the club.

There is no upper age limit for our fitness classes and anyone over the age of 15 is welcome to train with us in those sessions.

Q: I’ve boxed previously/participated in white collar events, can I spar/compete right away?
A: Regardless of your background and experience, all boxers will need to demonstrate to our coaches their ability during training sessions. This includes demonstrating patience and the ability to trust the coaching staffs judgement and follow their instructions! You’ll need to start by attending our beginner sessions on a Tuesday of a Thursday.

Q: What equipment do I need to bring?
A: To train you’ll need to wear a t-shirt or vest, and shorts or tracksuit bottoms and suitable footwear. The club will provide the basic equipment to get you started but members are encouraged to get their own skipping rope to train with. When you reach the point where you’re able to start sparring you’ll need to supply your own mouth guard (not red!) and groin guard. Our coaching staff will advise you on all equipment before you purchase it to make sure you get the right kit when you need it.

Q: I’m interested but not sure if boxing is for me, what can I do?
A: Come to one of our open days and talk to our staff and current members about what the club does and what to expect. If you are unable to make it to an open day you can arrange to meet us before the start of each session on a training night, but please note setting up the training session takes priority and our staff won’t have a lot of time to talk with you, and when the training session begins you’ll be asked to leave. You can attend your first 2 training sessions without becoming a member (just pay the session fee on the day) before deciding if you want to continue.

You can also start by coming to our beginner and fitness sessions where you’ll learn the same boxing techniques albeit at a gentler pace. If you find yourself eager to try sparring you can move to the boxing classes and give it a try, you’re free to move between boxing and fitness classes at any time.

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