Great first year for Roman Boxing

Happy boxing day! I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays. It’s officially 1 year to the day since we announced Roman Boxing Gym would be opening and the club is going strong. We’ve had a lot of firsts: from our first open day in January and first training session with our very first members, to Leighton Leakey the first boxer to ever wear club colours in the ring and delivering the club’s first win. Cain Rodgers also had his first bout for the club, and Callum Joyce his first bout ever. Going forward there will be more firsts with many of you looking to compete in your first bout, or seeking your first win. Others will have their sights set on achieving their first sparring, and some of you reading this will no doubt give boxing a try for the first time with us next year.

Training resumes on January 8th so stay active and be ready to jump straight back in. We’re also holding our second open day on Saturday 18th January which is an opportunity for everyone to come and meet the members and coaches and find out what we’re about.

On behalf of the club committee I’d like to thank everyone for all their support and hard work this year. We’ll see you in 2020!